GoMassage Provider FAQs

  1. Who or what is GoMassage?

    In business since 2004, GoMassage has thousands of corporate clients from around the country who trust us to provide quality and professional massage therapists.

  2. How does GoMassage Appointments work?

    These are appointments secured and managed by the GoMassage staff that are typically multi-hour corporate events. Joining the GoMassage Network will put you on the list of providers to work these events that pay a flat rate of $40-60/hour (depending on location and hours involved). You might get a call from us or a text which you can respond to if you’re interested. Once you agree to the appointment, we will send out an email with the event information, and you perform the massage. We will pay you via Direct Deposit or Paypal weekly.

  3. When do I get paid for GoMassage Appointments that I work?

    For providers working GoMassage Appointments, you will be paid on the first Monday/Tuesday of the month following the appointment.

  4. How important is having a cell phone and plan with texting capability?

    While it's not required, you will lose out on at least 50% of the appointments if you don't have a cell phone with texting capabilities. Many of GoMassage Appointments are booked through texting.

  5. What about certification and licensing?

    GoMassage deals only with properly licensed and insured therapists. You will need to provide both upon accepting your first event.